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Robert Snyder bio

With over thirty years as professional guitarist and vocalist, Coraopolis native, Bob Snyder, has played for over twenty years in full time A-circuit touring bands, while also managing these bands.  He spent five years in Minneapolis/St. Paul and the five state area and another fifteen-plus years in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Reno and Portland, playing all up and down the west coast--eventually playing over 4000 live shows in over forty states.  If this wasn't already enough, after this, he tour managed for other internationally touring artists for another 500 gigs.

When not on the road, he also taught guitar, bass and voice over the years, and worked for six years as Director of Promotions at Inside Out Music America (, the premier label for the finest progressive musical artists in the world.  He’s also been guitar and bass technician at NEARfest ( and production manager at RoSfest ( in 2008 and 2009 was production manager for the first major Pittsburgh area progressive rock festival 3RP, the Three Rivers Progressive Rock Festival (  At these festivals, he’s worked with such luminaries as Steve Hackett, Keith Emerson, Derek Sherinian (Kiss, Dream Theater, Billy Idol), Virgil Donati, Dennis Chambers, Tony Levin, Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa), Spock’s Beard, Starcastle, Rich Williams (Kansas), Neal Morse, Kerry Livgren (Kansas) and King's X.

Currently teaching guitar, bass and vocals at the 808 Music Haus studio, he fills in his “spare time” by tour managing for and touring with some of the finest artists in the world (Asia, Jeff Berlin, Stuart Hamm, Billy Sheehan, James LaBrie, the California Guitar Trio and the Flower Kings, to name a few).  And Bob is also the guitarist and singer for the greater Pittsburgh area's premier vocally driven power trio "GumBand" ( and also at Facebook: TheGumBand).  We're also on the short list for production assistance (monitor mix, lighting, etc.) at the Pepsi Roadhouse (

“While it goes without saying that it is a music teacher’s job to teach music, I also believe that it’s the instructor’s job to instill a love of music into the student.  That is, to have a student ‘want to practice’ as opposed to ‘having to practice’.  I do this by incorporating traditional teaching methods with learning newer, more popular songs that people will again, want to practice, then I explain the musical structure--reverse engineering, as it were. My particular music specialty is rock, blues, pop, metal and AOR, but I love it all.”

Tim Malone Bio

With over thirty years as a professional drummer, South Hills native Tim Malone, has played for over twenty-five years in top-notch A-Circuit bands including Empire, Rendezvous 6:02, Metro, Jaguar, the Urge and most notably 18 Names.  And in the “creative solutions” category, in one of his latest projects, he plays a smaller, scaled down drumkit (standing up, no less) in the “unplugged” classic rock act, Root 19.  Tim has been in bands with Vince de Paul (Crack the Sky), Ed Brown (Darkhorse and Norm Nardini), Tim Comer and Bruce C. Marshall (X15), Scott Bender (Baton Rouge) and Roger Cormier (Over the Garden Wall).  He’s opened for such national acts as Johnny Winter, Steppenwolf, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Edgar Winter, Missing Persons and the Henry Paul Band.  In his quest to further his musical knowledge and reach, Tim also works as drum technician and monitor mix engineer for the annual Penn Hills Jazz Festival.
Tim has over twenty-five years teaching drums and percussion at various Pittsburgh area music stores including (but not limited to) Drum World, Music Sweet Music, Armen’s House of Music, and is currently on staff here at 808 Music Haus in Coraopolis..  In addition to private drum instruction, he keeps busy doing session work at regional southwestern PA studios including Page One (Midland, PA) and Studio 635 (Bridgeville, PA).  He has recorded with such artists as Andy “Duck” Macdonald (Blue Cheer, Savoy Brown, Bible Black) and Dave Mazza (Robert Fripp’s School of Crafty Guitarists), as well as being the featured drummer/percussionist in various area television and radio commercials.  And lately, you can check Tim out most weekends performing with the band U.S. Kids.(Facebook: U.S. Kids).  

Says Tim, “But the biggest thrill I get is when I find out that a large percentage of the students I have taught have pursued a career in music”.


                          GumBand (                               

​ 2018

Wednesday, June 25                   Flagstaff Hill                      Pittsburgh Citi Parks
  Sunday, July 1                       Crafton Park             "Crafton Celebrates" Festival
Saturday, August 4                   Downey's House      
Thursday, August 16               GreenTree Park Gazebo          Summer Concert Series
Saturday, September 8                    Bee'z Bistro      
​Friday, September 14              Roy's by the Tracks
Saturday, November 10             Downey's House    

Bob, with acoustic trio--Davis-Gray Band

Thursday, June 14              Houlihan's Mount Lebanon            at the Galleria
Saturday, June 23             The Crafty Jackalope                  Bridgeville, Pa
Saturday, July 21             Downey's House

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